At night (but also during the day) I love to create handmade ceramics.


Tiny humans inspire me bigtime. I love to draw for them in

(educational) books, applications and other projects.


We live in a fast-changing world, and knowing that my non-digital childhood was quite different from the world of today’s youth, I strive to offer monthly creative workshops and other types of volunteer work to children from a variety of backgrounds, in order to learn from their interests, and to stay up-to-date.

Feel free to view my illustration portoflio below



Childrensbook: De Beste Kat van de Stad'
Written by: Rian Visser - Illustrated by:: Christina Kingma
Design and animation virtual reality app: ''Snaveltje'' design internship at WildSea Illustration North Sea Dream - World Wildlife Fund
Cat murals - Stay & Create ClinkNoord Amsterdam
Head PR and screenplay decorations - Spoorzoekersweek Zuidwolde
Childrensbook: Veerle's gedachtenwereld - yet to be published -
Written by: Rosalie Verbruggen - Illustrated by: Christina Kingma
Various company illustrations