At night (but also during the day) I love to create handmade ceramics.


I create hand-drawn, frame-by-frame animations for companies that are looking for a unique, visual representation of who they are.


I am active in the fields of corporate animation and children's education through multiple media. Altough these fields seem far apart, each one offers me the challenge of creating life through lines (or other shapes) and the opportunity to tell a trustworthy story.


Feel free to view my selection of client and personal work below.




Graduation film

I've graduated with this film

at ArtEZ (Zwolle) 2018.
Hersenspinsels was nominated

for the ArtEZ acadamy award and has been showcased on several festivals and other


What does our image of humans look like inside of our heads?

Blue Ocean Company

A short animation that I've created for The Blue Ocean Company, that explains the why and how of their coaching.

Julie Johsnon Consulting

In collaboration with Julie I've created 7 animation shorts to visualize the concept behind the 7 coaching services she offers.

The other 5 animations can be

viewed at:


A selection of recent works.